Christmas Already?

December 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

Wow. Ok, I have no Christmas tree, no lights, no vacation requested, nothing to wear to the company Christmas party, no idea what I’m going to purchase for friends and family. This is so weird because normally I’m all about Christmas. I love it! But for some reason my mind has just been in the clouds, I’ve been hearing the Christmas music, seeing the lights go up, smelling the Christmas tree scented candles…but it’s just not registering.

Maybe this year, I’m allowed. Do I really need a Christmas tree? No. Do I need Christmas lights? No. So next year it’s on like Donkey Kong but this year I’m just going to keep it low key and simple and try to have a nice, relaxing Christmas. Maybe even rock out some Birkenstocks, hippie jewelry and throw a few flowers in my hair. Get a massage, drink some eggnog, chill and watch everyone else go absolutely nuts prepping for Christmas. Like my buddy W, who just finished, after 2.5 hours, hanging his super lit-up Griswold-esque LED Christmas wreath.

I have to admit that I admire his dedication and will be seriously considering hiring him on next year, which I’m hoping will be an obnoxiously extravagant Christmas display.


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