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November 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve lived in Mobile, AL all of my life with the exception of college. I don’t think there is any other place I would rather live. Believe me I’ve thought about it numerous times. My city has horrible traffic, bad neighborhoods, an education system that leaves a lot to be desired. It lacks a vision for future progress and new jobs that would attract younger, more educated people to our area. Shopping is horrible. We have a mall that’s old, dirty and crowded with people who seriously look like they’ve done hard prison time. Don’t even get me started on our grocery stores.

The thing is…none of those things really matter. Sure they’re annoying and I really wish some intelligent people in our city will step up and solve some of our problems. But I think good people and great memories are what make home the best place on earth. The fact that I can look out on our polluted bay and not think about the fact that I might see a dirty condom floating around in the water*, but see how beautiful the sky and water look right around sunset. The fact that I can just sit anywhere near the bay and listen to the water and think of a time when I was little enough to fit on a rope hammock on our bay-house wharf with my daddy or any of my brothers and cousins. So I love this place. I absolutely love it.

*I’ve seen this.


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