Sushi, Love and Other Drugs

November 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday was quite awesome, quite awesome indeed. It all started with my girl K and I grabbing sushi over at Osaka. After indulging in my usual spicy tuna roll and philly roll (fried) and K indulging in her much healthier choice, we made plans to go see Love and Other Drugs with our other friend T. I thought it was a good movie. Actually any movie that makes me both laugh and cry is a good movie in my book. I’ll admit there was a lot of boobage but it was nicely balanced out by great shots of Jake Gyllenhaal’s ass. Let’s put it this way, if I were a dude…I would gladly star in Brokeback Mountain with him. 🙂

It got me thinking about love and what I really want in a relationship. For so long I’ve played the role of a modern, independent chick who wants to be decision maker in all things. But lately I’ve felt like that’s not me at all. On a really deep level I want a guy who gives me advice, who plans things and calls at least some of the shots, who wants to take care of me…sometimes. Someone who’s the smart one, the capable one, the wise one. Dare I say, the strong one?

It just makes me wonder, have men forgotten that some women love having the car door opened for them? That some of us love it when they put their foot down and stand for something? Maybe guys, in some situations, are confused about what kind of woman they’re dealing with and how they should approach situations with these girls. Would they be seen as an old-fashioned jackass’s who seem to be unaware that there was a women’s lib movement? Or would they be seen as men who are true to themselves and make a woman feel beautiful and feminine just by standing near him? If I were giving advice, I would tell them I don’t know of many women who genuinely prefer the former over the latter.

But yes the movie did make me cry because it reminded me that all of us do need someone. Even those of us who have convinced themselves they don’t.


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