Showing my a double s

November 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yes, I did. I threw all sweet southern charm and grace out the window today over a $10 handbag. I blame it on mother nature (yes it’s that time) and the sheer incompetence of the kids over at Pac Sun.

It all started with a cute handbag and matching flats I found there that I couldn’t turn down. I’m not really a surfer chick but every once in a while I pop in and check out their new stuff. Well after making my purchase I went home and got ready to go out with my girlfriends and have a few drinks and some dinner. I’m rocking my new flats and my new handbag and that’s about when I reached into my new bag and felt something hard and plastic attached to the inner pocket. I look down and there it is starring at me…mocking me. The geniuses at Pac Sun forgot to take the security sensor off.

So I had a choice, I could head back the mall and ask them to take it off or I could wait until black friday, fight the crowd and hope I make it out alive…all for a $10 handbag. I chose to head over tonight and deal with it before mall chaos begins. So I walk into Pac Sun with my new handbag on my shoulder and wait patiently for the kid behind the register to stop chatting it up with his buddy and help me out. I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Finally I turn to the girl folding clothes and ask if she would kindly take the tag off so I could be on my way. I had a massive headache and couldn’t take it anymore. So she looks at me, looks at the bag and asks me for a receipt. I told her that the receipt was at home and why the receipt was at home – because I just came from dinner with the girls, not home. She punts me over to the guy at the register and he asks me the same question and again I tell my story all over. At first he acted like there was nothing he could do to help me because I didn’t have a receipt. It didn’t matter that I had been in the store purchasing the bag 2 hours earlier and it didn’t matter that I had to make a special trip to our ghetto mall by myself at night all because they can’t remember to remove a security tag. So I guess their solution to the problem would be to ask me to come back, yet again, and produce a slip of paper that proves I’m not a shoplifter.

Of course I’m not a very confrontational person but don’t let that fool you. I’m sweet as sugar, but I’m also a smart ass. And when you rub me the wrong way, the smart ass comes out with a vengeance. So captain chatty behind the register finally caved after he asked me to describe who sold me the bag and I replied: “the black guy who works here.” To that he replied: “ok I’ll be happy to take it off for you but you can at least be nice about it. Seriously I was only kidding.” Then I shot him the look of death and told him I didn’t think it was funny and that any rational person (with a life) would be irritated by having to make a 2nd trip to the mall to remove a pointless piece of plastic from something they’ve bought. So he removed it and I grabbed my bag and stormed out. I will never shop there again.

So yes I did show my ass today. And honestly, I don’t feel bad about it.


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